The Cardinal Installation
Graphite on Mylar, stuffed Peacock, pasta
Varied depending on venue
The Cardinal has been stripped of his red flowing robes and lavish religious appointments. His only outstanding feature, other than being nude, is his bald head and outrageous mustache. He holds a leash in his left hand that leads to no where and he holds his right hand as if he were presenting something to the viewer but his hand is empty. What floats in space out of reach of his hand is a Globus Cuciger, a symbol of Christ's Dominion over the earth but it instead of being crafted of gold and fine jewels is made of pasta and covered with scripture about the evils and influences of money on mankind. Many associate pasta as originating in Italy where the corporate headquarters for the Catholic Church resides in Rome. Pasta/noodles were actually introduced by the Chinese.
The Cardinal detail- The Peacock
It's a real bird
12" x 84"
The peacock in this word symbolises the Flock as well as spiritual purity. The Greeks saw the peacock to represent immortality as it replaces its beautiful feathers annually and therefore seems to never age. The collar around the birds neck is no longer connected to the Cardinal or his representation of the church. Neither the bird or the cardinal seems to be very concerned.
The Cardinal detail- Globus Cuciger
styrofoam, biblical text and pasta
8" x 8" x 12"
This religious reliquary that is seen in many religious paintings symbolises Christ's dominion over the earth. The religious text that is covering the sphere are excerpts about the evils of money and it's influence on mankind taken from the bible.
The Cardinal
Graphite on Mylar
54" x 98"
Originally drawn with the idea of making this an installation using sculptural elements to complete the initial visual narrative.