Marshall K. Harris
Marshall Harris appeared out of nowhere. He is so “Texas” besides being so well-conceived I’m including as much as I try to stay away from anything considered “western” in theme.

And in the middle of 2013 lo and behold Marshall won the $50,000 juried Hunting Art Prize for his graphite drawings. He competed against over 100 Texas finalists in the 32nd competition sponsored by the global oil services company that gives the Prize its name. It is the most generous annual art prize in North America.

Marshall Harris, M. Leddy Saddle #2, 2011, graphite on Mylar, 60 by 54 inches
M. Leddy Saddle #2, 2011 graphite on Mylar, 60 x 54 inches
“My work pulls the viewer into an intimate relationship with an object; that of really seeing something instead of just observing it. My life-size photo suggestive presentation – whether the subject is a vintage western saddle or a nude figure study – replicates life down to the most minute detail and although the viewer realizes it’s just a work of art, they are drawn closer to investigate the rendering’s accuracy.” Marshall’s compositions intentionally demand intense consideration of every nuance, fold and flaw, bump and bruise, cut and scratch, down to the last stitch or hair follicle, and it’s that introspection that grants relevance and realism to everything surrounding us no matter where we live.

His MFA is from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2011 and his BFA is from Texas Christian University.